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    How Much Can I Realistically Earn Taking Online Surveys

    This is a question we get asked a lot from both new and experienced survey takers. How much can I realistically earn for my time and are paid surveys really worth my time and effort? Nobody wants to waste time on an activity that doesn’t pay so how much can you really earn.

    Make £25+ per Survey and £3000+ per Month

    I’m sure that everyone has stumbled across a website that makes exaggerated claims that you can quit your full time job and make £1000, £2000 or even £3000 per month taking surveys. Many have earning calculators that show by taking 15 surveys per day at £20+ per survey you could be earning as much as £26000 per year from online surveys.

    paid survey calculator

    Some of these unscrupulous websites may include cheques or Paypal screenshots which claim to show how many hundreds of pounds they have been paid for a month’s work. Therefore it must be possible to earn thousands?

    Be Careful of Scams…

    The majority of these websites use these outrageous claims in order to make their website visitors buy lists of so called ‘paid survey’ sites. The reality is that it is only the website owner that is making money and not the survey takers. People who buy access to these lists for as much as £25 – £60 are often getting a list of sites that are freely available elsewhere on the Internet. On top of this many of these ‘scam’ sites will sell their user’s information onto third parties leaving the user with an inbox full of spam and numerous phone calls from marketeers.

    The key to remember is that if it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is.

    So is Survey Taking Real and Can I Really Make Money?

    The good news is that yes it is real and really can make a little extra money each month. In fact there are already millions of people all around the world already doing just that. For legitimate market research companies you should expect to earn between 50p – £3 per survey you complete. For longer and more complex studies this figure could rise up to £10 each but these higher paying ones will be few and far between. Not only can you get paid direct to Paypal, you can also receive cheques, bank transfers, Amazon gift vouchers and more.

    Paypal Cash Amazon Gift Cards

    It’s also possible to earn a little more from other market research activities such as product testing or focus groups. You should consider these other opportunities a bonus and you should feel quite lucky if you are ever offered the chance to participate.

    What you can really make will depend on which survey sites you are a member of, the amount of surveys that are available, the amount of time you put in and your own demographic. If you are an IT professional, a doctor or nurse or a mum / dad with kids you can probably expect to earn more than average. You should always make sure that you complete any required profile information so the market research company knows exactly who you are and what surveys to send you. This will avoid you being screened out (not qualifying) so much.

    If you consider yourself to be fairly average then don’t worry you will still receive a decent amount of surveys each month from legitimate survey sites. No matter what your age, sex, income level, job or education there will still be surveys specific to you and all market research companies would love to have you as a member.

    Here at CFS Panel you can earn up to a maximum of £10 per survey you complete. On average though surveys pay between 50p and £5 each. (You may be lucky and get a higher paying one from time to time) Update the frequency setting in your account to receive more regular invitations from us. If you are not already a member you can sign up here.

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