Getting Started

1Is it free to join?
Yes, CFS Panel is 100% free to join. You will NOT be asked for payment at any time - It’s actually YOU that will be paid for for completing our surveys.
2How do I sign up?
To get started click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ button and fill in the short registration form. Once you have done this you will be sent an activation email. You must click on the unique link in the email in order to confirm your registration with CFS Panel. Next login using your email address and password in order to complete your profile information.
3How do I enter my postcode on the registration form
We only require the district. This is the first 4 letters and numbers in your Postcode. For example GU11.
4I did not receive the confirmation email - What should I do?
Although the email should get to you in seconds you should allow a couple of hours in case it gets held up in heavy internet traffic. Make sure you have given the correct email address. Check your junk / spam folder and check that any anti-spam software you have installed is not blocking its delivery. If you have still not received the email then navigate back to the registration form and re-enter you details to prompt another confirmation email.
5Who can join the CFS Panel?
Anyone aged 14+, resident in the UK with a valid postcode can join.
6Do I have to complete my personal profile?
No, you will still receive surveys without completing your full profile. However by completing your profile will allow us to match you to the most relevant surveys meaning that you won’t be screened out as often. Completing and updating your profile frequently will greatly improve the amount of surveys you receive meaning more cash rewards!
7Can I create multiple accounts?
No, only one account is allowed per person.
8What if your emails are going straight to my Spam / Junk Folder?
To make sure our emails or survey invitations do not end up in your spam / junk folder add the email address to your contact list or address book
9I cannot login
If you are having difficulty logging into your account you can use our 'alternative login' which can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the login screen.

Taking Surveys

1Are surveys free?
Yes, registering an account at CFS Panel and taking surveys is and will always be free of charge.
2How often will I receive surveys and how can I take more?
You can participate as little or often as you like. Each survey you are sent is tailored to your interests. This is why you need to provide as much profile information as possible when you register and keep your profiles up to date. You are given the option in your profile to select how many surveys you would like to take. We aim to match this number with your level of interest in taking them.
3Can I refuse to participate in some surveys?
Yes, it is entirely your choice which interviews you choose to take part in. There is no minimum requirement you must complete in order to keep your rewards.
4How will I be sent survey invitations?
You will be notified via email when a new survey becomes available. The email will state the reward and the expected time it will take to complete. Click on the link within the email and this will take you to start the survey. As well as via email you can also login to your account at any time to see if there are any survey opportunities available. If there are some available you can take them straight away from within your account - so it pays to login regularly.
5How long will each one take to complete?
We know your time is extremely valuable so we typically try to keep most surveys fairly short between 10 - 20 minutes. From time to time you may also be asked to take part in focus groups, take telephone interviews, or to provide feedback via a webcam, video diary or bulletin board. These tasks will take longer but of course you will be rewarded more for your time.
6Why do I get moved from one survey to another?
When your profile information matches the survey requirements an invitation is sent via email. (Alternatively you can check your online account) However there could be times when the survey quota is full or you do not quite match the requirements so are screened out. If this happens then rather than terminate your session the system automatically looks for another survey that matches your profile and directs you straight to that one. This means that you get the chance to take part in more surveys and of course earn more rewards.

Payment Rewards

1How much will I earn for each completed survey?
This depends on the length and complexity of the interview that you have participated in. On average you will be paid between 40p and £3 up to a maximum of £10 each. The reward you will receive is clearly stated before you take part.
2When can I redeem my rewards?
As soon as you met the minimum amount specified in your account you can claim the cash you have earned. Alternatively you can keep your rewards in your account and save them till they are at an amount you would like to claim.
3How do I check my balance and redeem my rewards?
You can login into your account at any time to check your current balance or cash out. To redeem your money simply login to your account as normal, click on ‘your profile’ then click on ‘redeem rewards.’
4How will my rewards be paid?
All rewards are paid in cash to your Paypal account within 2 - 4 working days. You can draw out your rewards as soon as you have hit the minimum of £8. If you have requested an gift card then you must have £10. Gift cards will be e-mailed to you within 4 weeks.
5Do I need to have a Paypal account?
No, you don't need a Paypal account to be paid. If you don’t have one you can visit the Paypal website and sign up for an account which is free and easy to do. As an alternative to Paypal, you can redeem Tremendous Rewards and gain access to a wide selection of over 80+ rewards. This option includes Amazon vouchers and Virtual VISA cards.
6My CFS Panel email address is different to my Paypal email - What should I do?
Login to your Paypal account and add the email address so you can be paid.
7How long will it take for my money to be sent?
As soon as your make a request your money will be sent within 2 - 4 working days to your Paypal account. Please note: If you request an Amazon gift card this will take up to 4 weeks to arrive.
8Will I be charged for using Paypal?
Paypal will charge you a 2% handling fee for transferring money to your Paypal account. You can request a payment once you have hit the minimum threshold in your account.
9What are Tremendous Rewards?
Alternatively, You can redeem Tremendous Rewards and gain access to a wide selection of over 80+ rewards including Amazon gift cards, gift cards for 80+ shops and restaurants or a Virtual VISA card. Redeeming a Tremendous reward is super simple. You can receive your chosen reward in as little as 3 clicks from the rewards section in your account.

Privacy and Terms

1Will my personal information be protected?
All personal information we collect during the registration process and during your time in the CFS Panel are kept strictly confidential. We will not pass your personal details onto any third parties for marketing purposes. CFS Panel follows the Data Protection Act 1998 and current personal privacy legislation.
Any survey answers you provide with be shared with clients in an anonymous aggregate form combined with hundreds of other members. This information will not contain or link to any information that personally identifies you.
2Will my personal information be shared with anyone else?
No, your personal information will not be shared with any third parties without your express permission. All responses you give are used for research purposes only. You can the privacy policy on our website to read more.
3Can I Unsubscribe from the Panel?
We would prefer you stay with us even if you don’t take many surveys. However if you do decide you want to leave then you are free to cancel your membership at any time. You can cancel your account by logging in and selecting the 'unregister' link. Please note that if you do cancel your account then we will not pay you any earnings you have accumulated.


1Who can I contact with a general / technical question?
If you have a question that isn't addressed in this FAQ you can contact or you can fill in our contact form. We will endeavour to answer any inquiries within 1 - 3 working days.

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